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When I was 5, after my first day at school I emphatically told my Mum it was a waste of time because they hadn’t taught me how to read. I am incredibly impatient and wish that I knew everything right away.

When I was 8 I ran a colouring in competition to raise money for the Save the Koala Foundation, because I just had to do something. I was happy we raised money, but disappointed that EVERYONE in the school didn’t get involved. I have very high expectations of myself and of others. It means I am disappointed regularly.

When I was 17 I told my school principal that it wasn’t enough for me just to wear the badge, I had to ‘do’ stuff in the community. I create work for myself.

When I was 18 I realised that my contributions to my school and community were minuscule compared to other kids in the world and what they were doing. I am a pretty tough critic.

When I was 29 and pinned by a man, up against a wall in the corner of a room, that everyone else had left, having my life threatened because of a misrepresentation of my words in a community setting, I realised there are some people you cannot help – and I was sad.

When I was 30 I was disappointed because I wasn’t Prime Minister yet – even though I hated politics.

When I was 32 I felt shattered, like my world had collapsed, when Jamie Oliver announced he was ‘coming to Australia’ with his Ministry of Food…because all the work I had put into programs I had developed were now pointless and worthless, because he was so much more important than me.

When I was 35 I realised that I have spent my whole life so far believing I HAD to change the world a…when all I REALLY needed to do was change myself.

What I realised is that what I REALLY need to do is cut myself some slack and recognise the VALUE of the contribution I make EVERY DAY – and believe that I am WORTHY of the abundance I am creating…in my own world and in others.

It’s a bit like the realisation that there will NEVER be a single point in time when you know everything there is to know, when you reach the pinnacle of knowledge, wisdom and understanding and can stand atop that and be like..I made it.

It’s the journey dummy. It’s every single step. It’s every single day that counts. The decisions you make today influencing tomorrow – that’s the wisdom. It’s the actions that speak louder than worlds – that’s the understanding. It’s the mistakes and the failures that is the knowledge!

There will be no moment when you go…OH yeah, I changed the whole world…tick!

Changing the world – what  waste of time. Changing yourself; it’s the only thing you can actually control.

What liberation!

Thank goodness! Now, I can stop berating myself for all that I HAVE NOT achieved and actually get on with the fucking job of LIVING!!

This realisation has solidified my goals for next year.

In 2014 I have decided that I am going to take a ‘gap’ year out of my business. I am going to spend the year raising $30 million for a project I am increasingly passionate about.

Now, the ‘do gooder’ part of me has grappled with my part in this particular project (I have been an active volunteer and contributor for about 6 years and the President for the past 2)….after all I am not doing what I had held up as ‘the best way to contribute to changing the world’ which was to save dying children in Africa, relieve sick people in war torn countries, raise money for disease research or setting up schools or clinics.

I am not curing cancer. I am not ending racism. I am not improving women’s rights. I am not ending poverty.

‘Really Rebel…what are you wasting your time on…’ it’s fucking ridiculous some of the crap I tell myself…truly.

How is building a 21st century icon, to promote our National Gemstone, Opal, in a small country town in remote NSW, going to ‘change the world?’ the nagging voice in my head kept asking?

Fortunately for me and you, I ignored that nagging voice and forged on, because the more I have invested in the planning for 2014, the more I realised that this project – the Australian Opal Centre is already changing the world…because it is changing me!

Imagine the possibilities of children from outback Australia – the kids we most forget in our own country – becoming architects, award winning jewellers, palaeontologists, revolutionaries in sustainable design, engineers or scientists.

Imagine how different our most disadvantaged communities look when kids eyes are opened to MORE possibilities in their own back yard!

Imagine a place where the magic of sustainable building design converges with inspirational art, the most incredible gemstone shares it’s glory and where 100 million year old fossil remains of dinosaurs glimmer with all the colours of the rainbow.

Imagine teaching the world.

Imagine the sheer delight of the Australian people BUILDING a legacy to themselves…for generations to come.

Imagine the possibilities of creating something incredible, rather than always fixing un-ending problems…

Imagine proving to our children that when you dream big and work hard you can make ANYTHING possible!

Well…I have imagined…and so have lots of people before me…so now it’s time to do!

I would love for you to join me on this journey. This journey to build the Australian Opal Centre.

I will be posting regularly to FACEBOOK

I will be blogging and keeping track of the project daily WEBSITE

And I will be providing, from time to time, the chance for people to learn first hand how to DREAM BIG and MAKE AWESOME THINGS HAPPEN through live and online events. Enter your details HERE if you want to keep in touch!

If you are so inspired…you can DONATE HERE!

There are only 5 days before the end of the year..I will NOT be resting – I am so excited I CANNOT rest…there is lots of planning and preparation to do before we hit the ground running for the biggest year ever!

The most exciting thing to me – what a changed person I will be by 31st December 2014.

My new mantra – Changing the world…one molecule of me at a time!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1….







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    You are an awesome woman Reb!