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This is just exactly how I felt at the beginning of this week when I was preparing and readying myself for the first of my Outside the Box – Business, Body & Belief Bootcamps in Armidale and Dubbo….I am not sure I have as much spunk as Frankenfurter – and certainly not as much make up, but I was shivering with anticipation…

You see…these bootcamps are a really important step for me – in my life, business and personal development.

They are proof to myself that I have the goods. That I can have the courage to put it out there and then make it happen – that I can do the hard work that others only dream about and reap the rewards!

They are evidence that other people want what I can help them with – and that I can actually help them.

They are everything I would want in a workshop of this type…luxury, indulgence, health and well being, business, mindset, special treats, moments of AHA and total immersion.

They are proof that when you DREAM it you can DO it (another Rocky moment there..)

A few years ago I put it out there that if I was to really enjoy living in Lightning Ridge I had to leave it on occasions so I just LOVED it when I came back…and so, I wanted to create a business that I could run from anywhere in the world – and that would see me travelling to the places I wanted to go – to meet new people and also see our friends and family who are flung far and wide. I didn’t know what it looked like, what I would sell or how it would happen, I just knew I wanted it. I wanted flexibility; freedom and choice.

And so I began teaching myself and finding out about stuff I didn’t know existed and investing in mentors and technology and researching and learning.

I surrounded myself with people who were doing what I wanted to be doing.

I learned what they were doing. I watched, observed, participated.

I soaked it all up.

And it didn’t just come to me – I have tested and tried and retested and tried again and it continues to morph and grow, but I know I am onto something really precious and that the hard work and investment is beginning to pay off. This year…this is the year of anticipation, because what comes next is ….going to send shivers down my spine!

Today I am so grateful that I am walking this path – and so grateful for the vehicle my business provides me.

It’s not easy. Nothing worth fighting for ever is.

But it’s right. And that is the most exciting thing ever.

This year I will run bootcamps in Dubbo and Armidale – because it’s my comfort zone, my region and because I have always wanted to stay in the big rambling mansions I have rented out for my Bootcampers…YES, these workshops fulfil my dreams too!

But I will also travel to Tasmania, WA and Victoria to deliver them – because those are places I want to go – and I have people there I want to see. I am excited – I am filled with anticipation and yes, I am also slightly nervous, because there is nothing like putting yourself RIGHT out of your comfort zone to help you grow!

Business is, after all, the best leadership and personal development you can ever do (Leela Cosgrove says that and I agree wholeheartedly)

I am all about the people in my business.

I will go to extraordinary lengths for my clients.

But at the end of the day – it’s MY business.

My rules.

My life.

So the choices I make are my own.

“I see you shiver with anticipation” – this is a note I write to myself every day….if I am shivering for myself, for my own dreams – for the anticipation of the abundance I am creating and bringing into my life…anything is possible and that is so exciting!

Are you shivering…with antici……


Much love,




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  • Leigh Black

    You continue to inspire me and to amaze me – but you have done that since the day I first held you! x

    • rebelsblack

      Thank you Mum xxx

  • rebelsblack

    You are BRAVE Marsella and that is why you will find the growth and success you are searching for – not everyone is brave enough to want it, let alone go out and fight for it! I can’t wait to meet you!

  • Mel

    As I sit here, in one of those mansions, ….in decadent luxury….I might add, I too shiver.
    A journey of a thousand miles, starts with a single step.
    Rebel, thank you, for inspiring me to start my journey.
    Lets climb this mountain!!!!!!!

    • rebelsblack

      You are welcome Mel…you are a brave, wise and beautiful woman who will, as you have learned, heal the earth. What a journey. What an inspiration!