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So I just had nice little Thursday afternoon facebook chat with a kick ass friend of mine who is also a business coach and has some octopusamazing clients (like I do) and I thought I would share, because, as with most conversations I have with awesome people, there is a lesson in it for all of us!

I asked her if a particular business woman was her client because because I had seen this woman’s most recent FB ads campaign and thought it looked similar to one she had done and I wondered if she was an IMPOSTER (you know, someone who rips off other people’s work without really understanding the strategy or rationale)…She replied, YES, she is my client. But she then went on to say…”but she is an IMPLEMENTER!!!”

It got me thinking and asking myself the question: Am I an implementer or an imposter IN MY OWN LIFE and BUSINESS?

You see we really do have a choice in this matter.

I have had a pretty hectic few weeks what with holidays and then a sick husband and it has really taken me the past 3 weeks to get back into the swing of things with my business.

For the last 6-8 weeks I have FELT like an imposter in my business; you know, the person who says they have a business but doesn’t really push it, or hasn’t really been putting the effort into it that they could/should?

I have been skirting round the edges and lurking on the fringes of my business, living somewhat vicariously through others (getting jealous when I saw their success) and not really doing much other than treading water.

You know what that has got me…STRESS and a business that needs a boot in the arse!!

Now, I forgive myself for this, because actually, my business, as much as I love it, does come second to my family, and when my husband needed me most, I was going to be there for him regardless of the consequences. And taking care of someone else does has a price.

BUT, if you don’t have that excuse…what the hell are you doing imposting in your own business or life?

Why are you stealing other peoples ideas instead of being creative on your own and more to the point; if you have a coach or mentor who is telling you to do stuff….why the hell aren’t you doing it?

Imposters’ are sneaky and their actions insidious…to the point where sometimes you can’t even recognise it.

On the other hand, you can recognise an implementer a mile off…they are the people who are on the phone every day making sales, they are the people who are pushing the boundaries and trying new strategies, they are the fearless and courageous people who are making headlines, appearing in your newsfeed and inspiring you!

Implementer’s are usually the people that other people criticize OR steal from because they are the ACTION TAKERS!

Implementer’s are the souls who are doing what others won’t because they can!

I guess the question is…are you an IMPOSTER or an IMPLEMENTER?

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  • rebelsblack

    Thanks James! How disappointing. I am realising more and more, in all the work I do in business and community that is the norm instead of the exception. Which makes it even more important that WE are the EXCEPTION!!! Keep fighting!

  • rebelsblack

    HI Joe, thanks for your comment and you are right; true critique is heavy, but necessary for growth. The most powerful critique is that which comes from ourselves, to question and challenge our own thoughts and activity, daily. The challenge is for it to uplift and motivate rather than quash and depress.

  • rebelsblack

    You are right Cyndi, about the procrastinator and I have a blog coming about that too! IN terms of getting started in your business…Start with WHO you want to work with. Know them, really, really well and then, create a product/service/information opportunity that helps solve their BIGGEST problem. The numbers always help keep me grounded. How much money do you need to make to enjoy the live you want? How much do you want/or already charge your clients? How many clients do you need to have in your practice to get the figure you want? Great. Now you have some idea of the numbers…
    Just start somewhere…stop procrastinating and DO! Action cures overwhelm, every day of the week!