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I got a call last week from an events company; apparently one of my ‘friends’ had referred me as someone who could benefit or would enjoy their events. They run life coaching/persona/financial mastery seminars and workshops. Their online presence makes them look pretty successful…

Lesson 1 – NEVER, EVER judge a businesses success by their website!

While I don’t mind getting these calls, at all, the way in which this call went was TERRIBLE and I just had to share – in case you are doing it to your prospective clients in business!

‘Julie’ left me a message when she couldn’t get me on the phone, saying I should urgently call her – that worked, I did…cause it made me curious!

Lesson 2 – ALWAYS create curiosity in your messages – make them sound lively and vibrant and interesting (short is good too!)

When I returned the call ‘Julie’ forgot her name and who she was working with. That’s okay. I can forgive that. Perhaps she is new or has two jobs.

Then she blundered through a script (if she had one) saying something about the fact that they had heavily discounted tickets available for their workshop – normally $1200 now $110 because one of my friends had told them I could benefit from their event. The cost, she said, was basically to cover food and the resource materials.

First mistake in this is that I am now wondering…why the hell are they giving their tickets away (how dodgy is this event). Secondly, I don’t care how much the food and resource material cost. Thirdly, she told me that my friend thinks I need help, because she referred me to you…but help in what I am not sure because I don’t really even know what you do (only that I googled the company based on the message she left me). Now I am pretty defensive.

Lesson 3 – NEVER start the conversation about YOU and what YOU have to offer – always open a conversation about the person you are calling. Build RAPPORT with your prospective client.

How do you EVER make sales, build a community or deliver VALUE to your customers if you don’t know who they are?

What ‘Julie’ did next was the death knell on the call (which lasted all of about 60 seconds anyway). because she THEN tried (and failed dismally) to build rapport with me in the most arse about way ever.

She said to me; so you’re in Melbourne aren’t you? No. I said. I am not. (remember I am defensive ’cause she basically just told me I was a loser). ¬†Oh, where are you then?

I said, I live in a little country town a 10 hour drive out of Sydney.

Julie – Ooo…where is that? Lightning Ridge. OH, cool. Is there a movie about that place? Yes, there are a few.

Oh wow…Julie chimed. I have just spoken to someone famous.

I wasn’t in the movie, I retorted.

Did you know people who were? ….it went on


But, wait, it gets WORSE…when that was done Julie said…

“OH well,”

“Too far then (I could hear her filling out her check box sales person form)”

“Good luck with that”


Lesson 4 – NEVER ASSUME!

Whilst Julie’s sales approach was disastrous and if I was to judge this company on her performance alone I would RUN A MILE – my research online had peaked my curiosity…and just because I live 10 hours from Sydney or a day trip from Melbourne DOES NOT mean I wouldn’t go to an event…if it offered me VALUE.

Lesson 5 – Build VALUE

If you have built rapport; understand your client, who they are and what they need and can see that what you are offering them can HELP them, then build the value of your product/service so they can see how what you are offering helps them…and sell them!

Julie knew nothing about me – other than she now thinks I am famous because I was in a movie about Lightning Ridge (WHAT!) because she didn’t ask. She didn’t give me a chance to even know what THEY were offering…

Lesson 6 – Recognise Objections

Julie assumed that my distance was a barrier to me attending, which naturally it is. But instead of having a conversation with me about that; asking if I ever travelled to Melbourne/Sydney for business or pleasure (which I do) and finding a way to perhaps help me get to their event…she just assumed I wouldn’t or couldn’t make it.

Lesson 7 – TRAIN your sales staff and give them TOOLS

Now the guy who started this company looks like a real go-getter and the kind of guy I wouldn’t mind learning from…but if Julie’s sales process is anything to go by, I would say that he has very poor systems, doesn’t understand how to coach his staff in sales, doesn’t know that this is how his business is being portrayed and is not making as much money as he could/should be and wondering why.

If you don’t have a sales system that builds rapport, delivers value, makes an offer and handles objections then you are probably like the guy who owns this company…

If you want help with that – CLICK HERE!

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  • pennie scott

    Great description Rebel and thanks for the reminder about establishing rapport and gaining respect and trust before you even venture into ‘the’ reason for the call.

    Love your stuff……

    • rebelsblack

      Thanks Pennie :)