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I have just scrapped all attempts I had imagined at sending you a video message instead of a written one because the tech Gremlins have struck and all sorts of things have gone wrong from not being able to connect my video equipment to the laptop, to my upgraded editing software being worse than the first version to just general unwillingness of technology to work…

So, I took it as a Christmas sign to just write down what I wanted to say…you will have to wait until 2014 to see my face again :)


It’s been an amazing year and as I reflect I am thinking there are plenty of lessons that I have learned from it…plenty.

1. Be sure to HAVE a vision – make sure you BELIEVE it and then keep coming back to it to CHECK IN!

This year slipped away from me, if I am being honest. I started really strong, with a plan and a purpose. I SMASHED out some really big goals before March and during April and then…stuff started slipping. Not all of it bad – in fact much of it was good, but I just lost my way on my vision for what I wanted out of the year, mostly because it was VAGUE and upon reflection, I don’t think I really truly believed it…both in terms of tangible outcomes AND experiences/emotions.

Things that were the major junctions and spanners in the works this year:

  • In March I found out that we had received funding for a grant to do some great work in the NT, which is fantastic; but really took me away from other areas in my business and split my focus.
  • Hubby and I had a brilliant adventure driving up the coast of WA and it was wonderful, but I lost some momentum as I didn’t stick to plans I had made around chipping away at work
  • My husband’s lung collapsed the last day of our holiday (although we didn’t know that at the time) and what ensued was about 2 months of being totally torn between needing to regain and rebuild momentum in my business AND what I really wanted to do, which was be at his side, supporting him and giving him 100% of my care.
  • My time was consumed (because I allowed it to be) by my voluntary work with the Australian Opal Centre

The upshot – I look back over 2013 and wonder…how did I do all that stuff…and was it really what I wanted?

Don’t get me wrong, please. I have had a fantastic year and, apart from the odd hiccup and hurdle, I have had some wonderful, beautiful, magical experiences. I have worked with fabulous people and have made a difference in many people’s lives…it just wasn’t always so intentional and I think, if anything, that is what I would like to do differently in 2014.

2. Go with your GUT

Recently I had a colonic irrigation, which was an incredibly liberating and moving (pardon the pun) experience. When the practitioner was ‘prepping’ me for what was about to happen she made a comment about the gut having its’ own brain and she said, you know that expression; gut instinct or going with your gut, well it’s true, because your gut knows you.

That got me thinking…was I listening enough to my gut?

And the answer was no – not until recently.

You see what I have realised is that integrity is one of my highest values in life; it is one of the things I hold most important and what my gut had been telling me was that the pathway I was on, particularly this year, was good, but it wasn’t GREAT…and I want GREAT in life…and nothing less.

And what I wasn’t doing in some areas of my life was living with TRUE integrity – I wasn’t doing anything wrong…I wasn’t being illegal, or leading people astray or being a bad person, but I wasn’t living MY integrity.

I love my business AND I love my volunteer work with the Australian Opal Centre; but because they both require such a huge commitment of time and energy, I really couldn’t keep doing both…so which was going to go?

My head said the business, of course…how are you going to pay the bills if you don’t run your business?

But my gut (and my integrity) said the Australian Opal Centre.

I ignored this for a while…

But the minute I embraced it – and went with my gut and made the decision to spend 2014 focusing almost entirely on fundraising for the Australian Opal Centre (to raise $30 million for a building)…my life changed.

I felt less stressed – even though my head said I should feel more stressed.

I started making wise and brave and sensible decisions in my business…that were right and are working.

I saw clearly the pathway to make what I needed to happen, happen, where before it had been overcast.

Quite literally I felt as if a weight had lifted.

So…apart from recommending that EVERYONE has a colonic experience (with an open and willing mind), you MUST listen to your gut..and find processes that work for you, to enable you to hear it and enact its wisdom.

3. You’ve gotta DANCE

I don’t dance and laugh and be silly enough. I don’t go the pub on a Friday night and just dance to the music like I used to – till your arms and legs ached and you felt like you had worked out. I don’t do silly things like I did when I was a kid, just because you can (remember holding a broom in your arms and spinning around and around until you were so dizzy you fell over) and I don’t sing at the top of my lungs and pretend like I am a rockstar on stage.


That’s a damn good question…

The answer is, because I have got so focused on all this other stuff, I have forgotten it’s about LIFE and LIVING!

These things..dancing and singing and being silly are, for me, an expression of myself hat I have just set aside but plan on bringing back…because it makes me MORE me than I am right now and at the end of the day…if you are going to live, you might as well live as a 100% version of yourself!

Please, have an incredible, happy, safe and brilliant Christmas.

I wish only happiness, health and abundance for you.

Lots of love,







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