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When was the last time you had your hair cut/dyed/styled? Was it yesterday, last week, last month, last year?

What did you have done – and more importantly, WHY did you have it done? Was it to cover the things you HATE about yourself; was it to fit in, was it to create an ‘image’ you think you should have in business?

I have crazy hair – and I am okay with that.

Last week I met an amazing woman for the first time. When I introduced myself she said:

“Your hair even looks like a Rebel! With all your beautiful natural curls going everywhere.”

And while she was saying it, she made a hand gesture with her hands like ‘wildness’.

She then pointed to her own hair and said – look at mine, I have to fake my curls!

I LOVE that!!!!

I have spent YEARS trying to flatten, straighten, tighten, blowdry and get rid of those crazy pieces of my hair.

I have spent YEARS hating my crazy hair – I even cut my hair short for years to be rid of the ‘fluff’.

I spent YEARS and thousands of dollars dying my hair, making it look different to the natural me, trying to fit in, be on trend or stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Have you ever done that?

Can you relate?

Well. I don’t do that any more.

Now, I embrace my crazy hair.
Now, I don’t give a shit what other people think about my fly away hair.
Now, I find it makes a statement about me. It represents me; my name, my personality, my humanness.

My real Rebelness!

It inspires others…who knew that my crazy fluffy curly uneven crazy hair could inspire others to BE THEMSELVES!!!!

It’s been 3 years since I coloured my hair.

It’s been 2 since I straightened it.

My mantra is, why be something you are not?

People don’t buy my hair – they buy my skills and the solutions that I provide to their problems.

They buy ME!


The point of this story in life and in business is this:

People want YOU. They want all of you. They want to connect with you – your crazy fly away naturalness.

Hair is just a metaphor (because of course, if you like dying your hair, you can…don’t misread my intent here).

But there is so much consumerism in the world and so many messages out there telling us that we have to be one way or another, it’s overwhelming and people are, quite frankly, sick of it.

What cuts through that is personality – REAL personality and REAL people.

Who are you trying to be that you aren’t in your business?

What disguise are you hiding behind that is holding you back from REALLY making the impact you desire?

What aren’t you doing in your business to connect, completely and wholeheartedly with the real  YOU that will enable your clients to do the same?

Think about the people who are succeeding in business in this world. We don’t buy stuff because of stuff, we buy stuff because of REAL PEOPLE we can connect with.

Who are you afraid of being and WHY?

Think back to when you were a kid. What kind of kid were you? Were you silly or serious, playful or pragmatic. Where you nerdy or bombastic? Are you still that person – is that the person you are bringing every day to your business?

Me, I try to be. There is a bit more breaking down I have yet to do – like being silly….I was a really silly kid and became a really serious kid and so have brought my serious hat to the table in business and am working on putting a big more silly in…but apart from that; my clients get ME, 100% every time.

Warts and all.

Swear words and all.

Crazy fly away hair and no make up and all.

Deeply emotional and deep conversations and all.

Heart on my sleeve and all.

Calling it like it is and all.

It’s scarey though, isn’t it.

Bringing yourself to the table – it requires vulnerability and openness.

So here are 3 easy steps to get you out from behind that metaphorical dyed, flattened and perfect hair..

1. Go back through some old photos of yourself as a kid and ask yourself – who was I then and what were the qualities that I really loved about myself then? Write them down.

2. Check out the list you have just made about your favourite qualities – choose ONE that you don’t do/have/show/ any more, particularly in business. Write that down.

3. Now think about a small way you can start bringing that quality into your life and business and start doing it!

For example – for me it’s silliness…unadulterated, free flow silliness. So, in order to inject a bit of that into my business I am implementing ‘silly’ sessions into my bootcamps, where I am encouraging participants and clients to share their silly side and be silly with me. I am also working on some ‘silly’ things to get up onto my social media sites so I can embrace my silliness…I am even working up to doing some silly videos…but that may be a little way off yet!

Whatever it is for YOU…start embracing yourself and loving yourself enough to share the whole you with your community.

They deserve it – and so do you.

Celebrate the whole you!

Rebel  xxx


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