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I have a confession to make….I am a recovering BSOSer. I spend LOTS of time trying to haul myself back from the precipice that is Bright Shiny Objects in my business. I do and it’s horrifying I know!

The truth is I just LOVE doing lots of different things and I am TERRIFIED of being bored; which means I am incredibly vulnerable to being lured by other interesting and shiny things.  A little bit here…a little bit there…ends up being a pathway to overwhelm and no where in particular.

The reality of BSOS is that the bright shiny objects you chase end up being distracting and inevitably disastrous for your business as you lose focus, shift focus and forget the goal.

I know this, because I live it!

Now, it is important to note here that there is a difference between BSOS and changing direction in your business.

It is perfectly acceptable, normal and in fact, in some instances, required, to change tact in your business; particularly if something isn’t working – there is no point barking up the wrong tree or pushing yourself to do something you HATE, that never works!

But that is an entirely different proposition to being lured off course by something interesting or exciting that is just going to help you lose focus on what your primary goal is.

So. How does one know they have BSOS?

  • If you can’t say NO to stuff, despite the loud voice saying in your head, run in the other direction!
  • If you get sucked into things and then regret it later
  • if you are always trawling for the next big thing
  • if you say things like ‘it is a really great opportunity’, ‘but they really want to work with me’ ‘this is going to be fun, and it won’t take too much time’
  • your business isn’t growing at the rate you want it to be
  • you are overwhelmed, most of the time, because you have your finger in too many pies

Yep…if you are nodding your head to any or all of these dot points, you have BSOS, welcome to the club!

The happy news is that BSOS is not life threatening and it IS curable…but the cure is not easy and can be quite painful, depending on how bad your BSOS is.

So. How does one overcome BSOS?

  • Get back to basics…Decide WHAT your goal is and HOW you are going to get there
  • FOCUS on the HOW and do not deviate
  • Set yourself some rules; what are your UNBREAKABLE rules to avoid being lured by a shiny object
  • CELEBRATE wins in your business and congratulate yourself when you don’t get distracted
  • Allow yourself bright shiny object time at home…be a little distracted in something fun, that isn’t going to have consequences for your business
  • Don’t beat up on yourself if you do get a relapse of BSOS…go back to the basics and remind yourself of the goal
  • Make sure the goals you set are realistic and you aren’t setting yourself up to fail
  • GET help…get a mentor or someone in your life who will help you maintain accountability

You are most likely to have BSOS your whole life and that is okay, it’s an endearing part of who you are – it’s how you manage it that’s important.

If you want to REALLY make a difference, change the world or grow a massive and rewarding business…you need to FOCUS and overcome your BSOS.

You can do it. I believe in you!


ps – if you would like some help SMASHING your BSOS


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