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I admit it. I like America’s Got Talent. There. I said it.

If you want to unsubscribe NOW – go ahead, that’s cool, but you might just be happy to hear me out…

What I like is that incredible story of overcoming the odds.

The stories of resilience.

The stories of persistence and those incredible uplifting stories of human courage despite life – that sometimes fucked up and shitty life.

I admit it.

I cry.

A lot.

Because it is just so moving watching people’s dreams come true.

Even just for a moment on that stage, the people who are REALLY good are having their dreams realised.

Have you ever noticed how the people who are AMAZING..I mean lift the hairs on your arm, stop your heart, make you breathe a little heavier, are the most humble and the most shocked when they get praise or have the audience on their feet?

What is that?

I think it’s the external validation of the thing they THOUGHT they were good at, but weren’t sure.


It’s that people who are fucking brilliant are most often the people who don’t realise it and certainly don’t talk about it.

It’s the realisation that all that hard work has paid off.

All their practice. All those years putting up with people teasing them or telling them they weren’t any good.

It’s all worth it.

In those 90 seconds.

They have made it.


And everyone wants that right?


Everyone wants their chance to shine, to be recognised, to have acknowledgement that they are really…really good.

Great even.


I LOVE watching that stuff. Alright you have to sit through the innane judges conversation and their ridiculous commentary and you have to put up with the wackos who think they are talented and have egos to match their complete lack of talent, but it is worth it.

Because there are diamonds in the rough.

And I want to be moved to tears often because it reminds me to keep going.

It reminds me to keep shining my inner diamond and honing my skills.

Because it is worth it.

It also reminds me why I do what I do – empower other people.

Because I want to be moved to tears for YOUR success.

I want to hear YOUR story or bravery, courage under fire, overcoming the odds, making a difference, giving someone a chance…whatever it is.

I want to cry for your dream…because you realised it.

Now the reality is that there aren’t stages like those of America’s Got Talent MADE for all of us in life – I am NEVER likely to end up on the stage of an Australian equivalent of America’s Got Talent or any other of those ‘real people to riches’ television shows…it’s just not in my nature and, let’s be honest, I am NOT talented in a way that they would see  as worthy! Which is cool…I LOVE to sing and am good at it, but I have NO inclination to share that with the world and I am certainly not under any illusion that I could make it my career!

But what I CAN do is create my own stage. 

I can build my own audience.

I can create my own revolution and I can do it through my business.

During the past 3 years I have touched the lives of thousands of people through out Australia, through live events, webinars, workshops, seminars and blog posts and my website.

In the last 15 years I have carved out a living, built several successful businesses, inspired lots of people to keep on keeping on and challenged myself to the limit.

I have overcome my own fears. I have had courage when others might not have. I have beaten depression down with a stick and have forged on through when things got tough and I wanted to give up. I have endured grief and loss, ill health and a terrible attitude. I have wondered if it was worth going on – and then I have gone on.

Most importantly..I have not WAITED for someone to put me on stage.

I have worked hard, I have learned, I have tried and failed and tried again and I have built my own.

I am Rebel Black Traditional Wisdom Warrior and this is MY stage.

Now…it’s your turn.

I want to hear your story.

I want to help you create YOUR stage!

Let me help you – CLICK HERE to find out how!










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  • Phoebe Maroulis

    It just keeps getting better and better Rebel. Love this post. xox

    • rebelsblack

      Thanks Phoebe…can’t wait to see you on your stage :) xxx