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I LOVE birthdays. Mostly I love the fact that they give you the chance to have a celebration with loved ones, have good food, laugh a lot and share wonderful experiences! I must say, that I do love getting gifts too, who doesn’t? That anticipation. The feeling of beingRebel with PIZZA by Pete Evans

loved, cared for and adored and being shown that with trinkets and jewellery and fun and practical stuff. Just for one day of the year.

This year for my birthday I got a great book by Pete Evans – PIZZA (thanks Mum!). It has the most delicious recipes in it, makes you want to eat pizza EVERY night of the week.. it is seriously a LOVELY recipe book with incredible photography of amazing looking pizzas and other Italian treats. Divine!

BUT. The BEST thing about this book was the little gold nugget of wisdom and truth I got inside the book that I needed to hear and related directly to my BUSINESS. Which I am sure, is not what Pete would have intended when he wrote it and certainly not what I expected when I got it!

See the truth is, I sometimes get celebrity envy. I see people like Pete Evans and think, gee he has it easy. He has great publicists. He has  awesome marketing and PR teams and agents who just get him all these gigs on stage, on TV, in the print. Wow. I wish I could have that, I wish I could have a team of people lining up to make MY life that bloody easy. Lucky bastard! I ask myself, how does it happen for those people; that instant stardom and fame and fortune. Damn you Pete Evans and your shiny smile and your beautiful PIZZA book. Damn you!

Don’t judge me. Turn the mirror around, I am SURE, if you are human, that you have thought/said the same thing too…

The point is…it’s not the truth.

The real truth of Pete’s perceived glamour, fortune and EASY sky rocket to fame is hidden in fact in his message to the reader at the front of his beautiful recipe book PIZZA. It’s the little business nugget of gold I mentioned earlier!

Pete explains that for EACH recipe (and there are LOTS and LOTS of them) he made at least 50 (yes, you read right 50) versions to make sure he had the recipe PERFECT.

“I can remember locking myself away for more than three months in the kitchen, experimenting with my pizzas. I would spend the whole day on the margherita, making 50 different versions of it. I would end the day completely and utterly exhausted, but having perfected the topping. I did the same with all the pizzas that made it onto the menu (and even those that didn’t). I wanted them to be faultless…” Pete Evans PIZZA.

Can you imagine that…Can you imagine how many late nights, early mornings, long days he has put in JUST to get his pizza recipes perfected so that they can work in his restaurant and book.

Can you imagine what he has sacrificed to do that? Can you imagine what he has gone with out, had to endure and fought his way through to keep himself going.

There are 246 pages of recipes in THIS BOOK ALONE…never mind all the others he has written and all the meals he has designed and prepared for diners at his restaurants.

If you CAN’T imagine being THAT committed to your business – then you CAN NEVER imagine the kind of success Pete Evans has had. If you can’t imagine working THAT hard then frankly, you don’t DESERVE the kind of success he has.

The truth is there is NO rise to fame. No overnight success. No EASY road.

There is just bloody hard work.

There is commitment and determination.

There is sacrifice and endurance.

And there are REWARDS at the end and along the way.

But you have to WANT it!

So, for my birthday this year I got a beautiful pizza book, but most importantly I got a reminder, that  with hard work comes great rewards and that envy, envy just gets you pizza.






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