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So I made this video BEFORE Armidale Bootcamp = which, thanks for asking, was AMAZING!!!!!

What a brilliant, inspiring and truly courageous group of women I was able to work with. I am so humbled by the way they stepped up to the plate and stepped into their fears to start finding their true selves.

Everyone goes into Bootcamp expecting to get some kind of reward, but the beauty of the process is that what they think they needed, or were going to get, is not always what they end up with.

People get what they need – when they allow themselves to feel the journey.

But that takes courage AND as we know, not everyone has enough of that to be who they truly want to be!

I am a facilitator Рand MY big learning from Bootcamps is that I am REALLY good at creating a SAFE space for people to be vulnerable  at the same time as growing.

Growth can be painful. But when you are supported – and feel safe; it is a beautiful thing.

Anyway…I digress. One of the things I was most grateful about in the past 10 days of being away and hosting 2 Bootcamps is my CUMULATIVE WISDOM. This is a principle I have coined that refers to everything I have done, learned, resource gathered, tried and tested, been through myself before today; all coming to the fore in a beautiful symphony!

A wise and successful person will use all their skills, experiences and knowledge at every stage of the journey – either to personally develop or to help others do the same.

Bootcamp for me is a reflection of my cumulative wisdom – check out the video to see what I mean!

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