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There are lots of little things in business that take our TIME…

I have a whole LIST of them.

They are the non-urgent, need to be done sometime things, that build up if left unattended but can easily be a great distraction too.

The question is, are you allowing the finnickity little stuff stop you from doing what you really should be doing in your business and keep putting off….uhm, like sales and marketing?

If you are diving for the covers, hanging your head in shame, or annoyed at me for saying that right now, it is most likely that the answer is yes!

YES Rebel, I am allowing the finnickity little stuff get in the way. I am procrastinating on stuff that is not urgent to avoid picking up the phone and calling people – or setting up new marketing campaigns. YES YES YES.

COOL….AWESOME. Now we know that, we can move on.

The REAL question is WHY?

WHY are you putting off making those calls, or avoiding setting up new marketing?

What is holding you back? Don’t you want to make money? Don’t you want to grow your business or at the very least, keep it to the level it is at now?

What are you worrying about?

You see, the finnickity little stuff getting in the way is just a mask for what is really going on underneath and until you put your finger on that, you are likely to keep letting yourself off the hook and being distracted.

So…dig deep.

What is it?

Is it fear – of success or failure (you see, if we don’t really give it a go, we never fail or succeed)

Is it a lack of belief?

Is it that you aren’t really doing what you want to be doing? Are you not congruent with your current direction?

Is it that your WHY is not defined properly or your GOALS aren’t clear?

Whatever it is you need to find it and fix it – or it spells death for your business and you might as well start looking on again!

Recognise crossing little, un-necessary jobs off the list for what it REALLY is – AVOIDANCE and then find out WHY you are avoiding the REAL Tasks in your business and then GET TO IT!

You WILL NOT change the world or people’s lives by focusing on the finnickity little stuff. You can ONLY change the world and people’s lives by doing SALES AND MARKETING….

Go get ’em :)

Rebel xxx

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