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I was involved in Amway for a while…back in the day and whilst I really never got into it entirely, I LOVED the educational aspect of it.

The big thing I took away from the experience was that conventional thinking says that in most instances in life you will have either:

Lots of time and NO money


Lots of money and NO time

What Amyway, and other MLM schemes are showing is a system of leverage – to leverage you both time and money.

Where you could leverage your time, by investing in others, whist also generating revenue.

It’s a new way of thinking that says – I CAN have both time and money; rather than trading one for the other – as we do in conventional jobs and in most businesses!

What I want to explore is this different way of thinking – and how you can apply it to YOUR non MLM business.

I want you to start thinking about NOT trading time for money; but creating the opportunity for your CUSTOMERS/CLIENTS to achieve their ultimate success, by you solving their problem for them.

I want you to stop thinking like an employee (who swaps hours for dollars) and start thinking more like a fully fledged business owner.

So…this works, regardless of what business you are in- it just requires some lateral thinking.

A little story to help.

Imagine you are in a LOT of pain. Your back aches, your muscles are pulling, you have a constant, nagging headache that just won’t go and it’s been months since this has been going on and you just WANT it fixed!

You go to Masseus A – who is still thinking like an employee (trading time for money) and who charges $100 per hour (which isn’t a bad rate as far as masseus are concerned – and you are willing to pay, because you just want to be fixed). Masseus A gives you a good rub, eases your pain, takes your money and sends you on your merry way – maybe they book you in for another session, maybe they don’t.

You feel better; but soon after the pain returns and the headaches and you generally feel like shit again.

Take 2

You go to Masseus B – who is thinking like a real business person AND most importantly is thinking about YOU and your problem and how they can best solve it. They sit you down and talk to you about what is going on in your life; they assess your posture, look you over and ask questions about how you feel right now – and more importantly, how you want to feel. They talk to you about the issues they can see in your body, explaining that this is NOT going to be fixed in one session; but in a series of 6 sessions over the next 8 weeks or so; to be reassessed  at the end. What they also convey is that at the end of this 6 sessions and provided you do the homework they provide you, you will be feeling EVERYTHING you are wanting to feel – you will have  a new spring in your step and more importantly, should not have the need for ‘quick fix’ sessions again, provided you don’t injure yourself.

You agree to the sessions – which are going to cost you $900 – paid upfront.


see the difference.

Masseus A made a $100 sale; with the possibility for more, but no guarantee – they also didn’t really fix the issue for the client, they just ‘bandaided’ it!

Masseus B on the other hand made a $900 sale – $150/hour instead of $100, but will also go most way, if not all the way, to solving the problem for their client. The client feels valued, cared for and is more than willing to part with the cash because they can see the VALUE in the offer.

Consultants, mechanics, farmers, coaches, personal trainers, retail operators, tourism operators, photographers….what can you do in your business TODAY that sees you making these kind of VALUE based offers…rather than time/money based offers….

The trick – think about your CLIENT – not yourself.

Jewellery shops could be offering ‘unique shopping adventures’ for small  groups including champagne and the chance to try on jewellery from behind the scenes, with ‘gift $ to spend’.

Mechanics could be offering payment plans for customers based on an assessed need of their vehicles for a 12 month period so that there isn’t a big lump sum bill for works.

Personal trainers can offer full ‘fitness’ packages including 1:1 coaching and group training.

Consultants can offer packages for solutions to whatever the customers needs are, instead of an hourly rate.

Again I ask, what will you do to do things differently – to take you from employee based mentality in business to business owner mentality in business?

Flip your thinking – I DARE YOU!

PS – I have been chatting to an amazing young Personal Trainer in Victoria who took my advice on this…she reported recently that things have improved ‘tenfold’ in her business with her income more than doubling some weeks JUST by using this strategy. She went from selling $20 sessions or 3 sessions for $60 to her mums to selling $720 programs…her client numbers are increasing and she is so much more motivated to put in 100% because she is being paid well to do it…oh and her clients are showing up!

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