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So I had visitors during the weekend who insisted that we watch the Grand Final…so, in the spirit of good hostessing, I let them and once again I was surprised to find I learned a really critical business reminder from these muscled up modern Gladiators.

HUNGER matters

Now you don’t go into a grand final to lose…but there will ALWAYS be a more hungry team…a team who wants it more, as individuals and collectively and their reasons may not be clear and it might not be obvious…but there is.

In the NRL Grand Final it became evident, to me at least, that the the Roosters wanted it more. Some of the amazing team work; try set ups and individual skill of the players was evidence of their hunger…they just wanted it so badly.

There was one try set up that I could have watched over and over again (and I hate football) it was just so elegant and their passion, drive, motivation and HUNGER was palpable…it was coming through the TV screen like a freight train!

I would go as far to say I was inspired.

The lesson for me – HUNGER is what will get you over the line…first…every time.

You don’t necessarily need to be the fastest, strongest, leanest, smartest, fittest, bravest or even most brilliant at what you do – you just have to want it more than anyone else – and then apply that hunger to what you know…every time you show up on the field to play!

Do that in your business and you will win.

Allow your hunger to wain, even for a second, and there will be someone in the wings waiting to snap it up after you.

It’s your choice.



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