I think footy sucks – BUT there is a lesson in business at finals time!

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It’s footy fever season and I don’t really get it. I am NOT a sports fan and am NOT interested in the slightest who wins or loses…to be honest I don’t really even know who plays (my brother will be pretty disappointed about this because he works for the NRL – of course I am always interested in what he does though!).

BUT, I was listening to the ABC radio whilst I was driving over the weekend and I got a really GREAT business reminder from one of the Manly stalwarts (can’t remember his name now) and thought I would share it.

This guy has been around elite football since the 1960’s and clearly knows his stuff – and the commentary team were asking him; ‘so you have seen winning and losing teams – what is the difference you notice?’

He said;

“the team who wins is the one full of the guys who show up every day, the same on the paddock as off – they aren’t trying to be someone they aren’t.”


Authenticity. REAL. Integrity. Self Awareness. 100% commitment to yourself. 

Whatever you call it – it MATTERS in football and in business!

People don’t want to buy from someone who is trying to be something they clearly aren’t – equally, a team doesn’t want to play with a show pony who plays the game as one man and is another off the field.

Human beings want to connect with REAL people. With people who are THEM no matter what.

So, the quick lesson in this – is BE YOURSELF in business – and be yourself 100% of the time.

  • Don’t wear a suit if you hate wearing them. Ditch it and be YOU!
  • Don’t cover your words if you swear normally. Swear and be YOU!
  • Don’t try to write in someone else’s style, because you see your competition doing it. Write in your own voice and be YOU!

STAND in your own power and embrace the quirks, ticks, character traits and BRILLIANCE that is YOU…because, at the end of the day – that is what your clients buy and LOVE!

Have a fantastic day!!


Rebel xxx

PS – I hope your team wins!

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