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The single most important lesson I have learned in my business – and the one, that when embraced, has helped me exceed even my wildest dreams in terms of achievement, is that it is not about me.

Now that might seem crazy, given that of course MY dreams are mine, and MY desires and needs in business around money, ego, outcomes and ability to influence are MINE…but what I mean is, that whilst all of those things are about you, your business is actually not.

CEO of Burberry Angela Ahrendt’s said it best when she said “You are the content, but its not about you.” I love this and believe it to be so true. See her TED Talk HERE.

Think about it. When you created your business you were most likely thinking…how can I solve that problem that I HAD so that others don’t have to deal with it. OR, I see injustice in this particular way and am going to do my best to solve it..

I know that’s why I have created all my businesses!

Our restaurant – Dig In – awarded for Innovation in Tourism in 2006, was launched because I had an incredible experience sitting near the red sand dunes in Alice Springs listening to the haunting sounds of a didgeridoo, eating bush tucker and learning about the Indigenous culture and thought to myself…there are people coming to my town, Lightning Ridge, which is surrounded by a completely different but equally incredible landscape and culture – and there is no experience to connect them to that…and so we created it!

I’m Not Fussy¬†was launched because I had spent a decade looking for ways to figure out what was wrong with me and why I was sick, and tired and in so much pain in my body and had given up on the medical fraternity, and couldn’t find information in one place that would support my journey. I was also sick of feeling misunderstood and wanted to support other people who felt the same to feel like they were part of a community and that they weren’t alone. I wanted to HELP others.

Our social enterprise Healthy Places is all about connecting people to the lost wisdom of cooking and veggie gardening; I saw a need for those most vulnerable in our community to be empowered with this information and wisdom as it provides the key to taking control of your life and living it well.

In all these businesses – and my ensuing health and business coaching, my PRIMARY motivator was other people – it was the people who were like me, or who were missing out where I saw injustices, that I was focused on.

While I can provide the CONTENT, the information, knowledge, process, experience and connection, but if we lose sight of WHO it is about in our business, we can begin to fail our customers/clients and that is dangerous ground.

If we start to lose sight of who our business is about, our marketing will reflect this egocentric perspective and it will most likely mean we are not connecting with our ideal customers in the most powerful way.

When putting a strategic and successful marketing campaign together remembering that it’s not about you is KEY!

Instead of thinking about what YOU can offer (eg price, service, skill, product) think about what it is that your customer or client NEEDS and VALUES and how you can connect them to in an emotionally powerful way.

I want you to start looking critically at the marketing around you – TV ads, Magazine Ads, Sponsored posts on Facebook – are they ‘selling you’ or are they connecting to you. Which are the ones you are most attracted to and WHY?

For me, they are the ones that seem to understand that their business is not about them…

Think NIKON and their I AM Ads – HERE

or this latest one from the Barossa in SA – HERE

or the 2013 Trench ad for Burberry – HERE

These ads don’t sell a product or a service, rather SPEAK in a really powerful way to the companies customers…recognizing that it is NOT about them, but rather communicating that they understand their customers – better than anyone else does.

Do these ads make ME want a Nikon..yep to visit the Barossa..yep or buy a Burberry bet – do I feel SOLD to? NO. Do I feel understood and connected and drawn in..YES, YES PLEASE!!!

If you can understand this and DO this in your business, you will start to connect with your customers in a way that no one else can…in turn giving you everything that you dreamed off…reciprocity :)

If you would like help figuring out who to make it ALL about YOUR customers  РI would love to put aside some time to speak with you Рenter your details HERE!




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