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I am ALWAYS looking for inspiration from other business owners…in their marketing, sales approach, communication and product or service delivery.

And to tell you the truth; it is not often I am inspired (although when I am, I write about it and you can see my video on other businesses I have talked about in this blog post)..but I was impressed when I was away for the couple of days over Christmas and thought to treat myself to a lovely tea.


I didn’t have too much choice in where to get one;  usually I would get a lovely loose leaf tea from a speciality tea shop, but that wasn’t an option this time – to supermarket I went!

Now, it’s important to note here that I do drink tea, not very often any more (maybe a cup or two on Sundays!), but when I do, I love the experience of it. The process of steeping the tea; sitting and enjoying it, savouring the MOMENT of peace, tranquility and indulgence.

Anyway, on my tea shopping expedition I found Madame Flavour and was drawn to the packaging; it’s gorgeous colour and the description of their tea was also appealing. They were about middle of the range when it comes to price – but, when it comes to tea, price doesn’t bother me…it is a small price to pay for the luxury feeling you get from enjoying a good tea.

LESSON 1 – know your customer well and what they want…and then have your product represent that!

To me this packaging says elegance, indulgence, luxury, fun, happiness, simplicity

NOTE none of what I am interested in is TEA…it’s the experiences and emotions I am looking for.

The MOST exciting thing to me was though that when I opened the box…there was a little ‘love’ letter from Madame Flavour, whoever she is, inviting me to enjoy my little luxury and explaining a bit about the tea. I was REALLY impressed. I felt cared for.

LESSON 2 – surprise your customers – give them something they will NOT expect and help them feel valued and cared for…again remember, they are not buying the ‘thing’ you are selling, they are buying the ‘experience or hte emotion’, if you can enhance that emotion, you are on a winner!

The tea bags weren’t all just loose in the box either; they were housed in a sealed white bag that when opened smelled like an INdian tea house…which was exactly what I was looking for (I LOVE chai tea as it reminds me of my trip to India!) TICK! But the happinss doesn’t end there, because the tea bags weren’t just ordinary tea bags, the tea was delicately placed in in gorgeous silken pyramid shaped bags, which felt REALLY indulgent and decadent and filtered beautifully.

The tea was fragrant, floral and not quite typically chai which was sensational…how did they know it was just what I wanted?

LESSON 3 – DELIVER on what you promise, in fact OVER DELIVER. If your marketing promises luxury, elegance and chai – make sure your product is exactly that…and more!!!

Would I buy their tea again? YES

Would I recommend it? Clearly..YES!

Would I use their strategies…HELL YES!!!

Has it worked for them????  YES!!!

So, the challenge for you – is to find a way that we can emulate the Madame Flavour lessons in your own business – regardless of whether you are selling a product or a service.

What will you do differently???

IF you would like help getting started – check out this POST about Ideal Clients!

Have a beautiful day :)






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  • Kerrie Phipps

    Absolutely. Yes. Yes. Yes!!!
    I had my first Madame Flavour moment a year or so back – and remember all of those special elements – I still love pulling those boxes down off my shelf for a mindful cuppa :)

    • rebelsblack

      It’s the little things, isn’t it Kerrie! :)