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I decided at the beginning of 2014 that this would be the year that I did lots of things that were amazing (including raising $30 million for the Australian Opal Centre) and hosting AMAZEBALLS Outside the Box – Business, Body & Belief BOOTCAMPS – but one of the MAIN things I would focus on, outside of my business and fundraising, would be shifting some of the negative stuff I have around MONEY and CLEARING so I could re-frame my limiting beliefs and create instead an ABUNDANT MONEY MINDSET!

WOW…who knew what can of worms that one single decision would make – even this early in the year!

Now, I have already built a six figure business, on my own, on my own terms – and for many that is really success in a nutshell, but I know I have crap from my past that is infiltrating my future and crippling me from moving forward in the way that I want to.

I know, deep down, that it is the way I see and define MONEY, that is really holding me back from the amazing high impact life I am destined to have!

So – I have been searching for mentors and guides in this field and because I put it out there – I am finding them everywhere (don’t you just love how that works…Law of Attraction!)

Firstly I came across Denise Duffield-Thomas and her book Get Rich Lucky Bitch and I started doing some of the things she suggested; mainly ‘clearing’ my money stuff.

That is – trawling my mind for attitudes, moments, conversations and impacting behaviours that I have specifically relating to money…and there are LOTS. I have been writing solidly every day for a couple of weeks now and I have pages and pages of memories where I have created and set, like concrete, limiting beliefs, mindsets and attitudes about money.

What are some of my negative beliefs about money that I have dug up by committing to this process?

– Rich people are bad people

– Money is the root of all evil

– You have to sacrifice yourself and work your fingers to the bone for money

– You get told NO and get rejected when you ask for money

– People who give you money have a hold and control over you

and the saddest one

– I am not worthy of having money

Seriously – this is just barely scratching the surface. I can see that for the remainder of this year, I will be writing in my little book and clearing the crazy painful and abundance restricting perspectives I have created around money in my life. I can definitely see the need for a new book in my not too distant future!

These things come about as a result of the environment you are raised in, your parenting, the global stories we are told and believe, other people of influence in our lives – the conversations we watched and overheard as kids…everywhere we are bombarded with negative messages about money.

And, being the amazing sponges that we are – we soak it up – and make it our own.

And in my case – it’s been weighing me down like useless lead and holding me back from abundance!

The important thing, Denise says, in the clearing process, is to not only take note of it, but to forgive yourself for these stories – or forgive the people who have negatively impacted on your money story…but mainly it’s forgiving yourself!

She has a lovely mantra – that I am now using in regards to any negative emotion or story and it is:

I Forgive You

I am Sorry

I Love You

She speaks about forgiveness at a soul level…

It’s powerful – and in just the couple of weeks I have been doing this, I have noticed a shift occurring.

The other tool I had come across, before I found Denise’s book, was Emotional Freedom Technique – and other money mindset books I have read or listened to, also recommend it.

It’s a simple tapping process (a little like acupuncture without needles) that is very much tied to self love and self esteem.

THIS is a REALLY powerful tool…I LOVE it and use it often- sometimes even a couple of times a day!

It’s easy, simple to use and I have found it VERY, VERY powerful!

I have used it to release myself from physical pain and also emotional trauma and stress – immediate and deep seeded and of course to start shifting some of my money blocks.

It seriously is HARD work – but it is worth it and the more I will start to see results, the more value I can see in doing the work (much like anything in life!).

Do you have money issues or blocks in your life that are holding you back from really having the life, business and success and influence that you crave?

Do you have things in your life that you know are sitting there and you are ignoring and really  deep down believe that they are stopping you from moving forward?

Do you repeat past patterns or mistakes from the past and keep wondering WHY you keep getting the same results?

We all do. It’s the reality of being human.

It’s how we are programmed! But it doesn’t have to be that way forever.

You have a CHOICE!

I can’t guarantee results, and that money will start raining from the sky – but I can say – that if you have FEAR around money – or you have negative beliefs; possibly even some of the same beliefs I listed above, then perhaps you could consider clearing your own money blocks.

I can highly recommend the process!

Remember, it’s the journey that is the beauty of life :)

Lots of love,



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  • rebelsblack

    You are so perfectly right – don’t you love those simple breakthroughs!!!!
    Of course we build our beliefs around money based on what we are taught…if it’s negative (ie all people iwth money are bad – we will look for experiences that validate that!).
    I have done the same thing – I had a MAJOR breakthrough recently too about this involved past lives and all sorts of other things and was pretty intense, but the simplicity was the same as you.
    So now, we need to find the people who DO live in complete integrity with their wealth – there are so many people out there like that…we just don’t see them when we are blinded the other way!
    So amazing that you have had this realisation…
    Let the wealth and abundance flow!
    Thank you for sharing Donna!