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I have spent years redefining my relationship with food. As a child, food, for me, equaled love.

I have happy memories of hours spent cooking in my maternal grandmothers kitchen and many more hours eating there.

My paternal grandfather would grow edible bounty in the garden and provided our family with seemingly endless supplies of summer zucchini, corn and carrots and winter fruits.

Food was shared with love and care. I got my first recipe book at the age of 8 and it catapulted my previous attempts at Mrs Beetsons recipes to new heights that included kookaburra shaped anzac biscuits and tuna mornay!

My adventures with food were just beginning….for me sharing food I had lovingly created was a way of showing love. Words never need be spoken.

But in my early 20s I realised that food and I were going to have to part ways as I recognised that the food I was putting into my body was actually causing me enormous harm.

The pain for me started when I was about 16.

I have spent hours, days and weeks in all curled up with hot water bottles, downing zantac and panadol like they were jubes and missing events of significance because the food I put into my body was harming, not healing.

I spent the best part of my 20s experimenting with foods. Eliminating, adding, testing and trying. I have taken just about everything out of my diet at one point or another, to slowly reintroduce and see what happens.

I had thought I had found the balance; nearly.

I have redefined my relationship with food to this:

  • If you eat food that loves you, food will equal love again
  • I eat foods that support my digestive system
  • I eat foods that heal, not harm
  • I eat in moderation
  • I see food as nutrition so I see the ingredients I use as the nutrients, vitamins and minerals I need to be healthy and vital
  • I activate my brain to detach the positive emotions I hold around certain foods and re-attach the feelings of pain, discomfort and distress
  • Through daily affirmations I remind myself I am worthy of consuming, taking the time to prepare and mindfully eating healthy, vital foods

and REALLY importantly…food is really vital, but knowing what is happening in your body is also critical.

I created a hugely restricted diet for my body, but was still getting pretty severe symptoms – which I couldn’t seem to remedy or solve with diet.

After a decade long journey, I finally found a GP who listened and he diagnosed me with chromium deficiency. Blood tests proved him right – and I had Viamin B12 deficiency too.

With appropriate supplementation – my symptoms that remained are gone!

I still choose the diet I have formulated over years as there are still foods that harm me rather than heal and I feel better than I have ever felt, but because I also have the right supplementation for the things my body was missing, my life is so much more incredible now!

What will you do to redefine your relationship with food?

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