The Decor Sucked So I Changed It!

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“The decor really sucked” – and so I changed it!
Sometimes in life and in business, it really is that simple – it doesn’t always come to us easily or quickly, but the opportunity to chance something is just one decision away!
I picked up the paintbrush recently and it was both liberating and a timely reminder of the power we each have within us to change our own lives for the better!
Don’t get stuck in a house/office/space/business/life with decor that sucks – change it!

The Paintbrush Teaches Us Perspective On Change from Rebel Black on Vimeo.

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  • Phoebe Maroulis

    I have decided to change my attitude! Traditionally I have viewed car travel as a means to the destination but yesterday I flipped that and had 8 fun filled hours of quality time with the family – very precious (the last 30mins aside!)

    • rebelsblack

      LOVE it Phoebe! What a perfect change! :)