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Which one am I going to talk about today?


In some people’s books this is a dirty word…and if you read the definition:

“the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior  using punishment to correct disobedience”

it makes sense that we rebel against it!

I know I struggle with discipline, simply because I value FREEDOM very highly, in fact it usually sits first or second on my list of values every time I revisit them.

I am a free spirit and I hate feeling caged – so the idea of discipline…routine…habit…sounds and feels claustrophobic and boring to me!

Is that familiar to you?

But I know just how important discipline is in health, business and life in general; in fact, without it, in my life at least, I know things would just go to pot!

The other thing I know is that the FIRST thing I think when I see someone who is overweight, or a business that isn’t doing so well or anyone who is really struggling in life is that they LACK DISCIPLINE….and in the many hundreds of conversations I have had with people who are in these exact scenarios is that it is the truth…a

We all KNOW what we should/could be doing but we haven’t built the discipline in our life to do it!

The crazy thing is that it’s SIMPLE…but we overcomplicate it.

So let me share 3 steps with you – 3 small things you can do that will help you build discipline in your life and help you reach your goals sooner!

The thing I have learned is that discipline is easily built when I am really motivated, when the goal is crystal clear and I believe, 100% in my DNA that this is what I need to do…then I find a way to go against my inner being of freedom and drive for discipline!

So that is the first step to discipline…

#1 Find the REASON and set a GOAL you believe and desperately, above anything else, want and need.

The second thing about discipline, particularly for those of us who hate being caged is to start SMALL and work your way up. Don’t create ridiculous and seemingly unattainable time frames for your goals or decide to take on a new discipline that requires major rigidity, you are just setting yourself up to fail.
We need to have our own rules on the pathway to our goal and it is important that some of those are non-negotiable (you CANNOT not do these things) and some that are negotiable (no dire consequences for not doing these things) as long as our list of negotiables is not much, much longer than those that are not negotiable, you will be right

So the second step to discipline is…

#2 Set your RULES, have both negotiable and non-negotiable rules and decide on SMALL achievable new habits that help you reach your GOAL

The third thing is the discipline itself….the action required to get the goal you so desire.  It really is very, very simple.

#3 DO IT…every day/every time and don’t wig out…

If you have the motivation, the goal and the plan of action through rules, the doing becomes much easier.

When you break it down and look at it like this – it looks more like a PLAN than DISCIPLINE, which manes it much simpler to digest and for me at least, a lot less claustrophobic!

The REWARDS for discipline are MASSIVE!

For me personally the rewards of discipline – and implementing a plan to create it in exactly the way I have outlined above have included:

1. Going from being someone whose weight fluctuated, was never happy with my body and I was really, really unhealthy to a woman who loves and respects her body, nurtures it with good food and regular exercise and has stayed the same size since implementing discipline into my food/exercise regime…going on 10 years now!

2. Growing six figure businesses in less than 12 months – and in months where I have had real discipline in my sales and marketing – to trebling the business in a matter of weeks.

So Discipline doesn’t have to be a dirty word – in fact, it is a great word to embrace, revel in and hold with highest esteem…especially when having it means having everything you ever wanted and more!!!

If you want help with more discipline in your life, put in your details HERE and let’s talk!

A big “D” to you,



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