The ‘LUCK’ of the Irish

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four leaf clover

It really pisses me off when people tell me I’m lucky, or in conversation refer to someone else who is successful, healthy or happy, as lucky.

It’s not luck my friend, it’s a decision and hard work.

Right now I have a business that is growing exponentially, because I made a decision and a commitment to myself and those people I serve, to do that. I have INVESTED enormous sums of money and time in the business and my own personal development to get to where I am. This affords me to have wonderful people who take care of duties I prefer not to do, it affords me the chance to travel and work and most importantly, to change lives.

I have health because I made a decision I was not going to feel like shit anymore. I have done everything in my power to heal my body, to make time for exercise, nourishment and recovery. I make deliberate decisions daily to continue to be healthy – I don’t use time or travel or money as an excuse, there is always more time or money or other ways when you make something a priority.

I have happiness because I make a decision to. I live with underlying depression, which was only recently diagnosed, but I have found ways to manage it using exercise, meditation and herbal support. It is not easy. But it is worth it and it definitely isn’t luck!

I speak to women on a daily basis who are overwhelmed by their own indecision and yet, when I ask them what their strengths are they say, determination or stubbornness.

The trouble is, they are applying their determination and stubbornness to activity that is NOT serving them and NOT making decision and doing hard work for something that is going to get them what they want – a successful business, health or happiness.

So, my question to you is – on THIS St Patrick’s day will you stop looking at what everyone else has and saying…gee they are lucky and instead, make a decision about something that will get you, whatever it is you want – and then take action?


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