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I have spent the past 2 weeks travelling, on the road with my husband, seeing the amazing west coast of Australia and I have had PLENTY of time for thinking!



Its a pretty nice office! Quobba Station WA

Every time I come up with a new plan, which, when i have time to think is

every few minutes, I assess it against my values. This, more than anything, has become a default for me.

WHY? Simple. If it doesn’t align with what is fundamentally most important to me, I don’t want to do it and most importantly, it won’t work!

I have spent lots of time banging my head up against brick walls in business, community development and yes, at times, life, and what I have learned from that head crunching, is that alignment is paramount.

If its right, it will work. It doesn’t necessarily mean it will be easy, but it does mean you will be more inclined to find the pathway of least resistance and make it happen.

If your business goals, structure and format aligns with your core values, then you will want to make it happen and you won’t feel like you are working, it will feel amazing!

In my coaching programs  I START with teaching about values…it seems weird for some, particularly those ST types (MBTI speak for those who are interested I will post about it one day!) who tend to shy away from the touchy feely stuff, but seriously, it is SO important to build a business that resonates with YOU…because, well frankly, the buck stops with YOU!

For me, I value freedom, which I learned pretty fiercely in my last business, which tied me down to a bricks and mortar timespace which almost entirely undid me and was, as they say, the straw that broke the camels back! Now, my business is totally mobile, it comes with me when I travel (like now) and can be done anywhere, which means I can be adventurous (another value), see family and friends (another value) and have integrity (another value) in everything I do.

My business aligns entirely and beautifully with my values which makes it a pleasure and a treat to be in and after all, who doesn’t want a business that is a TREAT?

If you haven’t done so, revisit your values and ask yourself the hard questions…does my life and my business align with what is critically important to me. If the answer is no, then don’t forgive yourself, take some action and bloody change it!


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  • Nicola

    I cannot agree more, Rebel!!! Actually. I spent the day today, reassessing my values…as well as putting my rules around them.

    xx Love seeing you shine xx Nic x