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It’s so easy to get caught up in ‘doing’ and we often forget to celebrate our achievements, breakthroughs and awesomeness along the way.

I am still not great at it, but, because I shifted my attention to it, I am better than I was.

I NEVER remember celebrating, on the inside, that I survived my first day of school, won ribbons in shows in cattle judging and parading, was made school captain, opened the doors for my first business, won awards, secured hundreds of thousands of dollars for the communities I live in, made big sales, rapidly grew businesses, etc, etc (36 years of achievement etc)…

There might have been outward acknowledgement of the achievement, but in my mind and heart I was already onto the next thing.

Even today…I made a MASSIVE inroad into the $30 million capital raising project I am volunteering on this year – and didn’t even take a SINGLE MOMENT to be like…FUCK YEA, that was awesome!!!!



In order that we don’t end up as bitter old hags who whinge about how NOBODY ever gave us any recognition or that our lives went by so fast and we didn’t appreciate what we had and celebrate our successes…

I want you to do this…

Go to youtube and find a song you LOVE…that makes you want to dance and sing and have an amazing time…and I want you to ‘favourite it’ and EVERY TIME YOU DO SOMETHING AWESOME take the 3 -4 mins (unless you choose a meatloaf song, then you will need longer!) to sing and dance and move and CELEBRATE YOU.

Celebrate from Rebel Black on Vimeo.

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