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I hated playing that game at school!

What a terrible game it is…building a culture of fear among you children before they are even old enough to realise.

Teaching them to be scared of things that aren’t real, that aren’t true and that really aren’t there.

Fear amazes me. It motivates some people to do crazy, painful, hurtful and punishing stuff to themselves. I have witnessed people who would prefer to eat food that is killing them than step into the fear of something new. I have witnessed businesses say it wont work instead of stepping into the fear of a different way.

I have lived in fear before. I have lived in fear of success and what that might mean for my life. I have lived in fear of failure and how I would be perceived. I have lived in fear of judgement. I have lived in fear of putting myself out there for the world to see and I have lived in fear of never reaching my own expectations and of living half a life.

Not because of these fears, but despite them, I have established and run 3 successful businesses, I have held positions of leadership and have  amassed success in many ways.

And yet, it is only in the last 12 months that I understand how fearful I was during that decade or more of activity. I have spent so long undervaluing myself, fearing no one would show up, being too afraid to reach beyond what I know to be possible to make the dream real and being motivated by my limitations rather than believing in the possibilities.

From the outside though…perhaps you wouldn’t see that. But it is the truth.

I am the kind of person who has, in the past, given up on themselves, despite everyone in the world being on my side and despite all the odds being in my favor, because I didn’t believe enough and I let fear take the drivers seat.

Not any more.

Not on my watch.

I will call  that fear, because I recognise it. I know what it feels, tastes, smells and looks like.

I will see if for what it is…the insidious voice in my head that tells me..no, you can’t..you won’t..you aren’t worthy.

I will  build resilience to overcome that voice with a louder voice of strength and tenacity and Yes, you can, you will, you are worthy.

I do it every day because I have to.

Because I choose a different pathway, because I believe I am worthy and because I know I can make a difference.

I will do it, because that is what leaders do.

What will you do today?

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