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This is my first video blog or post since August last year – why?

Because I got immersed in other ‘doing’. I had some numerology done recently and I have lots of 7s apparently…representative of ‘doing’…makes sense to me! I have, during the course of my life, spend A LOT of time DOING…often to my own detriment…but my business partner and dear friend Phoebe has gently guided me to the art of BEING and the value it brings in my life.

So my disappearance from blogland/videodom was me giving myself permission to BE a little more and DO a little less.

But I am back – and OMG am I BACK!

Yesterday (Sunday) I set my intention for the coming weeks – that each morning, before 11am, I would do a video (because it brings me great joy and I REALLY missed dong it), I would practice meditation or do some Emotional Freedom Technique on areas of my life I need to clear and empower, I would write 1000 words on my book and I would develop a new piece of content for my business THE Rural Woman.

I felt amazing about all of that – it felt completely disciplined, in alignment, easy and incredibly satisfying.

So, feeling supported because I had blocked the time out in my calendar and my phone on silent and my list to hand..I sat down this morning to do my first video, since August 2014.

And I started with a topic that I have struggled with and am, through the deep personal work I do every day, really coming to grips with.

Worthiness – the feeling of being ENOUGH.

Wow. This has shown up in my language, behaviour and decisions time and time again…but no matter how hard I tried to change it, it was never enough…so I got brave and dug deeper and realised that my thinking/acting that there was never enough was reflecting a deep belief that I WASN’T ENOUGH.


But I have been working on it. Clearing the old limiting beliefs and replacing them with new ones’s working.

Can you see the purple glow on the right side of my head…it’s a sign that it is!

I don’t know if you are into auras and the universe and past lives and other stuff – I know I am just starting on my journey to discovering all of this – but I saw the colours that appeared whilst I was making this video as a SIGN that I am on track – that I am living into my higher purpose and that with the message I was delivering, I am making progress.

If you are into auras you will know what vivid purples on the left hand side (right side on video) means – for those who don’t (which I didn’t), I looked it up and you can read more about it here 

This is incredibly powerful for me – and I hope it is for you too.

It’s a message to keep going – to keep digging, to keep supporting myself, to keep sharing the message, to keep shining for others so they in turn can shine…I feel more at peace and in purpose in my life than EVER and I want to cry tears of joy!


but it’s not enough just to say it – you have to believe it…and if you don’t believe it, then you have some work to do – if you want your life to be everything you desire. If you don’t know where to start – reach out…to someone, read a book, explore something you have been afraid to, ask yourself deep questions or reach out to me and I would be happy to help!



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