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I speak with amazing business owners on a daily basis, it is one of the joys and privileges of my work.

What I learn more and more is that in many instances the ‘ideal perfect client’ for many people is THEM…but them a few years ago before they know what they know now and want to share!

Its a bit of a revelation for some. Who is your ideal perfect client, I ask…well…they start. They are…all these things and then you can almost hear the lightbulb go on from down the phone.

Actually Rebel, you know what, its me! Its me before I had all this new information and before I had changed my life, before I did this program, before I got help etc!

The reason, often, our ideal perfect client is US is because we know us best and therefore, in terms of helping someone or providing them with something that is useful, life changing or fantastic, it is where our comfort zone will be!

I know this is more likely in business like health and fitness practitioners and those in the help/coaching industry, but I wondered whether it was true in other businesses.

So I reflected on my own 4 e

nterprises and sure enough…every time, my ideal client had reflections of me a few years before!

Take my restaurant Dig In, a multi-award winning tourism enterprise on the opal fields of Lightning Ridge. I thought I would be drawing a long bow with this one, particularly as my clients were mainly older people in their 70s+…and I was only in my early 20s. BUT what I realised was that it was the EXPERIENCE that was most important to me and WHY?

Well a couple of years before we opened the restaurant I had been to Alice Springs to stay with a friend just after she had a baby. I met up with a really amazing Aboriginal guy, Tommy Crow, who took me under his wing. He took me to the Red Centre Dreaming experience which was bush tucker by the foot of the Macdonnell ranges where the didgeridoo and cultural dreamtime was shared.

It was really a wonderful experience and it changed my life, by no small measure. It was one of those goosebump, chill down yo

Dancers at Dig In

ur spine moments and it was THAT connection, that wonderful experience that was missing from me at that time…and, without them even knowing it often, was missing from my ideal perfect clients those years later!

Of course, providing that connection to something inspiring was actually the priority for me in that business and is the thing I am most proud of.

Many of our guests came up to me after they had heard dreamtime stories around the campfire or had watched the young men dance and said things to me like…’I have never met an Aboriginal person in my life, and after tonight  I regret how I have felt about them all these years’ or ‘that experience changed my life, thank you.’

No matter what business you are in you should always be reflecting on

who your ideal client is…on who you were a few years ago and what value you can offer them. How can you change their lives, in the same way that some experience changed yours?

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