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I LOVE businesses that think outside the box, it makes me REALLY happy when people do awesome business stuff that isn’t necessarily RADICAL, but to the mainstream it is…and I have been food bellingenthinking a lot about it recently, so I thought I would share some of the insights great businesses offer us, as business people, and some of the tricks they keep up their sleeve!

PS, the other thing I really love is Brilliant customer service….

We were in Bellingen the other day and had dinner at the Federal…I was looking at the menu thinking, what am I going to eat and started sort of trying not to annoy the lady who was taking the order at the counter by saying can I just have that, without that etc…when she said, why don’t I just get the chef…He came out and asked me exactly what I couldn’t eat and said I will make you something special….

AND HE DID…I would have paid double (its never about the money, its always about the value) because he didn’t make me feel bad, he made me feel good, he made me a delicious meal and I couldn’t praise him highly enough.. WIN. WIN.

Anyway…here is my little video, just for you!

[vimeo 70089863 w=500 h=281]
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