You need to know your clients so well that you know the colour of their undies!

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Whether setting out to begin a business, launch a new product or go to market with your existing product or service, the BIGGEST mistake you can make is to ignore your customer.

As business owners it is easy to get caught up in the cycle of believing it’s all about me and forget that we are actually providing something, in exchange for money (value), to someone.

That someone is the key and knowing who they are, intimately, is critical to the success or otherwise of your marketing.

The other mistake we make in business can be trying to be all things to all people; which means our marketing gets generic and diluted and potentially so does our product or service.

There is REAL value in narrowing your NICHE, or your ideal client down to a single person, so you can communicate really powerfully to them.

Think about the marketing you respond to most – is it generic and ‘telling’ or ‘selling’ or is it one that makes you feel as if you are known, heard or valued?

The way this is achieved is by KNOWING, HEARING AND VALUING the ideal client (you in the case of marketing you are affected positively by)!

It sounds simple – and it is…and then it isn’t.

As humans we really resist ‘boxes’ and narrowing your niche can sometimes feel like someone is asking you to squeeze into a box and give up the other people. It’s not that at all – it’s just that different people enjoy being communicated in different ways.

EG – the way you speak with a 16 year old male about a mobile phone is very different to the way you speak to a 60 year old about the same mobile phone – the success of marketing depends on how the different communication is conveyed.
I made a video going over the steps to getting clear on who your ideal client is – and wanted to share it with you!

Happy niching!



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