When was the last time someone asked you a question, so deep, that you had to dig to find the answer… and it pierced you…


But before we go there, please, let me introduce myself…

My name is Rebel Black.

I live, on Yuwaalaraay country on the edge of the opalfields in Lightning Ridge, western NSW Australia.

Like you, I am shaped by my environment. The perfectly marvellous combination of transgenerational DNA and environmentally sourced wisdom, trauma and mastery coupled with influences from the cumulative experiences of 40 something years in this form. I’ve been blessed to have been raised by incredible parents, grandparents, siblings, a husband and two step children, a small country town, a public school education and Indigenous and rural people. The unique combination of a hungry spirit, aspiring intellect and the gift, given to me by my paternal Grandmother when I was born as she said out loud, for all to hear ‘she’s been here before’.

I’m a visionary.

I don’t live in your world… geographically speaking.

Actually, I live so far from the reality you know that it makes my perspective and insight potent and valuable.

I believe that #alltheanswersliewithin – and the humans at our heartland are too long ignored, as poorly listened to as the quiet voice we all have.

I inhabit Willy Wonka’s eccentricity, cunningness, vision and creativity with Aphrodites wholehearted loveness and a 20 year history of deep personal growth and development.

I’ve been raised by threads of a deep Indigenous wisdom, taught by wise elders, in geographic isolation which means I see patterns and potential with ease. I’m an introvert and a keen observer, mastery whittled from years of immersion in big skies, random fireside discussions, in potent rooms of powerful people whose brilliance has been ignored for too long.

Trappings of wealth, fame, the ‘who’s who’ and notoriety mean nothing to me. I’m more interested in the possibilities these things limit you from ascending to achieve your masterpiece blueprinted before you came here and, as you are suspecting, as yet undiscovered.

As a human agronomist, my gift is deeply understanding people fast and deep and crafting bespoke, customised adventures into self, in big hearted landscapes with incredible people.

If you are called and have a sense I can help you transcend.
I’m looking forward to listening.

Bespoke Adventures
Waiting To Transform You

Into THE Crucible

A fierce and alchemic event held in the heat of summer in the Australian Outback.

If you can’t handle the heat – get out of the kitchen!

A 5 day immersion, curated specifically for you and/or your team or family (max 8 people) , to experience perturbation like never before and to be met with new thresholds to cross.

Only from the intensity of the crucible can you achieve lasting change.

Heat has been used in ancient traditions for centuries for transformation – of humans, landscapes and food.

When you are immersed in a hot environment your physiology changes, your paradigms are stretched, truth patterns emerge to be transmuted and healed and you are called to new understandings of self.

If you want to experience the true you, apply heat and or pressure. INTO THE Crucible will do both.


Going Beyond the Guru

I have been fortunate to have worked with some of the world’s most extraordinary human beings who are, as yet, unknown to the rest of the world as they live in humility doing their daily life. They likely haven’t written books, or done a podcast or shared their gifts with the world, they aren’t interested in that..but they have precious gems to share.

My job is to connect you to them, in potent ways in LANDSCAPES that will transform you too.

We connect with place, space and people to create unique opportunities for ‘edge expansion’ where you can be challenged, invited into new conversations, awed and disconnected and reformed. You will be changed. That, we can guarantee.

If you are tired of the luxury offerings on offer, the false gurus, bored with the same places and experiences, I’m at your service.

I can serve you up something entirely unique, custom created to your unique needs and aspirations… as goldilocks would say – ‘just right’ for your kind of quirky.

We’ll get you access to places, people and experiences that will blow your mind, transform your world view and open you up to potent possibilities.

This is a minimum journey of 9 months and has no maximum.

It will include

  • Seasonal connection on country – 6 in total across the 9 month timeframe
  • Regular online coaching and mentoring & space creation for exploration of potential, ideas, frameworks
  • The opportunity for you to connect with other like minds and hearts


For as long as humans have roamed this earth they have been taking pilgrimages – searching for meaning and significance and the quest to find oneself, God or purpose.

There are many well known and well trodden paths across the lands that walking Pilgrims travel including the El Camino de Santiago in Spain, Kumano Kodo in Japan and of course Mecca, but Pilgrimages by foot isn’t the only way one can quest for their centre.

I’d like to invite you on a pilgrimage to the opal hearted edge of the outback in Australia.

As with all pilgrimages, intent is everything.

So before I share with you what to expect, I invite you to clear your mind and ask….

What do I need right now?

Did you answer space, answers, silence, peace, knowing, freedom…

I don’t know?


You are ready.

The Wellbeing & Worthiness Outback Pilgrimage starts on a full moon and completes on a new moon and the journey to get there will be as important as the time spent on country immersed in this incredible landscape.

You will be immersed for between 15-18 nights on a journey that will take you from your home, wherever that is, through an ever changing landscape, to the opal mining community of Lightning Ridge, population ?, where you will spend time, in sabbatical, on a self-guided and semi-supported journey back to yourself.

Sleep in comfort under canvas in Charlie’s Camp at THE Hungry Spirit.

If we do not invite the edge liers and fringe dwellers and those who inhabit the heartland into our lives and to our tables, then we exist in echo chambers, ruled by power brokers stealing agency from those they appear to support, under the guise of service.

If you realise this, then you are one of the few.

If you take action to change this in your life – you are my hero.

And I would love to journey with you into the deepest discovery that this work invites.

This is not for the faint of heart.

The conversations are hard.

The self exploration and physiological deprogramming is real and to be challenged, to your core, is confronting and may shatter every view point you hold true and dear right now.

But what are you here for otherwise?

To live in the safety and comfort of your big life?
To proxy your legacy to the headline that shouts ‘worth millions or billions?’

To not dare to dance with tantalising truth, only to be uncovered through deep self discovery.

If you aren’t scared – you aren’t doing it right – right?


If anything on this site elicits enthusiasm, excitement, trepidation or wonderment, then please, let’s make a
connection. I’m looking forward to meeting you.

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