Energy Reading & Healing
By Rebel Black

I remember the words spoken to me by the 7th GP I’d seen in as many weeks.. ‘Nothing wrong with you’… as if they were knives being turned in an already gaping wound.
How can there be nothing wrong with me? I exhaled.


I am in so much pain, I have no energy and I am at my wits end.
And none of it makes sense because I’m doing all the ‘right things’ (eating well, avoiding certain foods, moving my body) and I’m STILL sick.

I WANT there to be something wrong.

I NEED there to be something wrong.

So I know I’m not just crazy or making this up.

So I can make sense of it and hopefully get better!

And then…you can see him scrambling for something…because he doesn’t want to be wrong either and he wants to rescue me from this panic – he reaches for a catch all diagnosis…it could be IBS or some other gut related illness….

….and the script – zantac should help he says…

And we could do more tests.

I’m done. I say.

I give up.

What to do when the medical tests come back ‘all clear’

If this is a familiar experience for you in any way – I want you to know that you are not alone and that, if you have just a scrap of will left to open the possibility of your life becoming something new and different, then I’d love to support you.

Because – the truth is, as I have discovered for myself and for so many women (and a few men) I’ve worked with in the last decade, the answer you are seeking isn’t physical….

It’s emotional and its energetic.

But most doctors aren’t trained in this and neither are we and so we give up because the only lens we’ve mastered (physical) is not revealing the cause and worse still – continues to amplify the symptom.

And so we keep looking for ‘answers’ in a medical system that will not be able to find it for you yet and in the physical body which won’t show it!

The good news is – there is nothing medically wrong with you – and that is something you can truly CELEBRATE because, once you’ve cleared the emotional and energetic pathways in your field, your liberation will be expanded!

Since 2014, I have worked with hundreds of women to support their personal and professional transformation using the modalities and protocols of a unique and highly effective energetic therapy system called Forensic Healing, founded by an Australian woman named Marisa Russo.

Forensic Healing combines science and intuition and, coupled with the deep insights I have personally garnered over decades of working in the fields of coaching and human agronomy and from my own healing and spiritual journey, I have been able to help so many women heal long term physical illnesses and ailments, create abundant lives, improve relationships, master their emotions, increase wealth and enjoy a deeply rewarding spiritual life and expansive otherworldly experiences.

What has been revolutionary in my personal application of this modality, is that I have helped many people achieve great results without having to be in person with them AND in many instances, by simply tuning into their energy field through the gathering of some basic information and then sending a recording of the reading and healing for the client to listen to at a time that suits them and as often as they need.

Some of the outcomes my clients have achieved include:

  • healing dysfunctional relationships with family
  • complete eradication of physical symptoms of chronic pain including head and back pain
  • healing of gut issues including stomach cramping and reflux
  • increasing income and receiving financial windfalls
  • reversing feelings of powerlessness, low self-worth, guilt, shame and loss
  • quitting everything that wasn’t working, starting fresh and finding incredible purpose
  • rapid and regenerative growth in business
  • attracting the ideal team members, soulmates and friends
  • becoming their own coach and healer

How does it work?

Everything begins with energy – so when you change your energy you change your outcomes!

So often we try to ‘change’ something by focusing on behavior – but it is only one small aspect of the whole and is actually a by-product of the combination of so many other elements we need to consider and pay attention to like our beliefs and emotions and our senses.

In Forensic Healing we use the symptoms of your life to help us trace back to the source – we use a series of scan lists and muscle testing to investigate and identify beliefs, behaviors and patterns that are causing the current behaviors and outcomes in your life… and, as I like to say –  we heal forward from the root cause.

So much of our medical system today only serves to alleviate the symptom, rather than gaining a deeper understanding of the context and contributing factors that are the CAUSE… and it is the cause that we are most interested in addressing in Forensic Healing.

“Your current state and experience of health, happiness and abundance is a direct result of your past experiences and lives stored in your cells, DNA and energy fields – just as, you are what you eat, you are what you experience in your life.” 

“The buildup of major stress, trauma or abuse will cause dysfunction. Your body responds to energy imbalances through pain, stress, anxiety, grief, tiredness, fear, hurt, low self-worth, relationship problems.. On and on.. These are signs you have ignored your physical needs, energetic quality and compromised your feelings and instincts. 

Forensic healing can help us get to the root cause of that and clear it so you can create something new/different.” Marisa Russo, Creator Forensic Healing

I have been a student of human agronomy my whole life – always fascinated with who people are and why they do certain things.

Like all humans, I started life intune with the experience of pure energy – being able to sense things ahead of time and connect with spirit in ways that made adults uncomfortable and so I stopped.

But there was always a little spark that remained in my being – that we are something greater than this physical form – and I kept adding kindling to that spark through reading, research, study and through my own experience of healing the issues in my own life (essentially becoming my own guinea pig).

I have seen more than 100 practitioners in about that many modalities in the past 15 years, have been in direct tutelage of teachers in Forensic Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Shamanism, Myers Briggs Personality Profile and through the reading and application of the works of great people like Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Dain Heer and Gary Douglas, Dr Lissa Rankin, Abraham Hicks, Jean Houston, Louise Hay, Caroline Myss, Neale Donald Walsh, Richard Rudd, Brian Weiss MD, Jose Silva, Neville Goddard, Robert Monroe, Tina Zion, Medical Medium Anthony William, Bruce Lipton, Will Bowen, Masaru Emoto, Dr Wayne Dyer, Lewis Mehl-Medrona, A course in Miracles, Marianne Williamson,Genevieve Davis, Gary Zukav, Bob Proctor, Brene Brown, Nick Ortner,John C Maxwell, Joe Vitale, Carol Dweck, Susan Cain,  Charlie Morley, Gay Hendricks, Buckminster Fuller, Christine Mcdougall, Pam Grout, Eckhart Tolle, Michael Singer, Byron Katie and Lynne Twist….and that’s just my audible list!

I have personally experienced, through the application of tools I have used on myself – past life regressions, spontaneous healing, out of body experiences and spiritual awakenings (all without the use of any drugs) and have healed myself from chronic illness, anxiety and depression.

What I love about doing these energy readings and healings using Forensic Healing (for myself and others) is that the protocol helps identify my client’s past energy stresses, traumas and energetic damage – which is the root cause or source of the problems they are experiencing – and very simply apply one of 110+ healing pathways we have access to – to transform the issue in a matter of minutes rather than months, years or even decades.

It helps us see our struggles and the difficult parts of our lives as data and information that we can do something with and it helps us transmute our trauma by seeing it for what it is – without the complex meaning that keeps us trapped in the cycles, where the pattern keeps playing out.

I have worked with women who have been living on packs of panadol every day to manage chronic pain – who within a few sessions are free from the pain and the need for medication. I have worked with women who have lost significant weight from a few sessions – but not from changing their diet or exercise regime. I have supported women to end toxic relationships with ease through clearing their own energetic patterning and making more money than they thought possible.

If you believe healing is possible for your life and you are willing to trust what brought you here to this page please book your distance reading and healing today!

I look forward to walking with you in this discovery process as you move towards #healing and on your way to #thriving and #evolving.


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