Get Clear on Your Life's Purpose
& Prosper Through Community

Hosted by Human Agronomist & Community Builder Rebel Black


Find a time that suits for a clarity seeking, purpose fuelled amazingly helpful conversation on YOUR purpose and the role community can play in your prosperity

Clarity & Purpose Sharing from
Our Masterclass participants!

“My purpose, from a recent course: “To put love, kindness, support, and quirkiness into the world, to help others feel included, importaNt, recognised, loved, valuable, and less overwhelmed.””

“Thank YOU, Reb. Thanks for sharing your contagious optimism and drive!”

“Am writing “Don’t not do the do!” and sticking it on my wall!”

-Jen Ava Goodwin

“Seeing the beauty that blooms around us through family and friends connections in how we live, the time and life to heal land, bring back lost knowledge with gentle passion, create healthy food and reconnect with creativity.”

“Feeling fulfilled when thinking about how I prosper. Learning, sharing and doing”

-Julie Humphris

“We can exchange thoughts and feelings with more than humans…have not realised what a terrific word commune is… opening up the strength of ecological communities to us. Community to me means strength. We are carried by the community in times of despair. We lift best when we lift in community.”

-Jo Jackson King

“Volunteer in a not for profit and if there is anyone that understands the process of changing from an incorporated association to a charity status”

“Community being connected and belonging, being of service”

-Carol Dickson

“It was clear to me that I want/need a 1:1 with Rebel to help me find clarity around my purpose!”

“A “why” to make you cry! Yes, that’s it”

-Sal Burton

“Defining… I’ve decided, now it’s the action..

Fear of success, I know well be successful, can I handle-juggle family+winery+headspace/craft classes

Yes getting clearer”

-Kylie Sullivan

“I’ve started community circles around the moon cycles. Loving meeting new people and the opportunity to share my wisdom 💚” 

-Kerry Meehan