Working with Rebel is a balm for the mind and the soul!  Her intuitive intellect meets me at the edge of my perceived capacity, pushing and holding in a well considered, compassionate way.

Rebel adapts to the needs of individuals in complex and diverse groups, using the group coaching environment as a safe space in which to teach, through the shared experience of others.  Rebel facilitates these sessions with nuance, enabling all participants to feel seen, heard and valued.

During the almost two decades in which I have worked with Rebel, she has remained ahead of the curve in terms of her coaching and facilitation expertise, a testament to her commitment to her own personal and professional development and her remarkable intellect and thirst for knowledge.

Rebel has an uncanny ability to quickly assess a situation and peel back the mindset and energy that sits behind the scenes and to bring things to the surface in a safe, yet challenging way.

My life is remarkably richer for having worked with Rebel over the years and I hope that you may also get to experience some of her magic.