As owners, we were also looking for a tangible goal within a defined timeframe and needed an objective third party to help us get there. Rebel skillfully took us through an exploration process of how our business was currently structured, our desired future structure, our ‘dream build’ of ultimate outcome with a timeframe to aim for and campaign ideas to propel our business forward. Rebel navigated us through our barriers and negotiated overcoming the objections we had with regard to doing certain things in a different way, or looking at a problem through a different prism. We did achieve a plan and an ‘end game’, along with the grit and determination to get there.

Whilst she is a long standing personal friend, she was objective and forthright enough to put that aspect aside and challenge us to confront barriers. At the end of the day, we were required to undertake the heavy lifting and we became well aware of that. No one saw Covid coming but when it did arrive in Australia we were ready and motivated to look ahead and not behind. Our business today is a far cry to what it was four years ago, our staff has trebled, we have procedures and strategies in place that have us in control of our brand and direction and above all, we have an articulated end goal which is challenging, achievable, realistic and measurable. Thanks for the kick up the arse Reb!